The Second Energy Internet and the belt and road Forum 2017

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The Second Energy Internet and the Belt & Road Forum will be held by CDMC. The conference will be held on September 21st -22nd ! We predict there will be over 500 delegates, the conference will cover several sections, the introduction for the demonstration for the latest projects and hot issues discussion for the industry in depth, and we devote ourselves to promote the healthy and high-speed development for the Energy Internet Industry, build the international communication platform. We would help the participants to know more about the industry news and embrace the bright future through communicating with the elitesfrom the industry. Chinese website: English website:


1. To talk about the problems for the latest demonstration projects and accept the available experience

2. The investors analyze the prospect for the Energy Internet.

3. To talk about the market prospect, industry trend, the profitable and operation model.

4. To talk about the legality and regulation when M&A for the overseas energy Internet project investment.

5. The infrastructure construction for the Energy Internet under the framework of “The Belt & Road”, the new technology cooperation and the Energy Consumption

6. The government financial support for the Chinese Enterprise when going overseas to make the layout for the Energy Internet

7. The influence for the renewable energy access to the large power grid and how to control the electricity

8. Electricity Power reform and the distribution network reformed bring the influence for the Energy Internet

9. The application for the Energy Routers, Big data and the Block chain in the Energy Internet

10. How to get the technical experience from the international forefront to make the breakthrough for the Energy Internet to reduce the cost for the energy storage

11. Energy multi-level utilization and the energy system optimization to reduce the operation cost for the Energy Internet.

12. How to better serve the needs for the customers from the power demand side management (e.g. parks, end-user experience )

The framework of the conference

1.   The Belt & Road Energy Internet Project Survey Overseas

Dena Workshop


Vattenfall Cold Supply System & Scandic Hotel

EUREF Wisdom City Park

Enertrag Mixed Power Plant

Feldheim 100% Renewable Energy Demonstration Village

EEX Energy Exchange


Time: September 2nd –September 9th

Location: Germany

Size: 10-15 delegate

Specific schedule arrangement and the price, please contact xx


2. Main Forum:


September 21st,2017

AM:The experience from the Energy Internet Demonstration projects

PM:The Energy Internet Development Promote the Enterprise Layout the Overseas Market under the Framework of "The Belt & Road"

September 22nd,2017

AM:The key technology innovation for the energy internet promotes the upgrade for the Enterprise Technology

PM1:The Prospect、Operation Model and the Profit Model Discussion to Lead the Enterprise Development

PM2:The Application Prospect for the Energy Internet and the Enlightenment for the Enterprise Business Innovation Transformation


  3.  There would be the several Energy Internet Projects like below:

   Shanghai International Tourism Resorts Energy Internet Projects

   Jiangsu large-scale systematic demonstration projects characterized with friendly interaction during source-network-load process.

   Energy Internet pilot and demonstration project which provide the flexible transaction based on the green data center


  4. Some Target Speakers:

  Dr. Fiaz Ahmad Chaudhry, Managing Director, NTDC

  Mr. Andrey Murov, President, Rosseti

  Mr. Kijja Sripatthangkura,Deputy Director, EGAT

  Mr. Tomas Kaberger, President, Japan's renewable energy association

  LIAOYu, Founder, Chinese Association for Renewable Energy in Germany

  CHEN Wei, Managing Director, Intel Company

  TAN Jiefu, Managing Director, Ali Yun, Alibaba

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