Asia Pacific Water Heating Exhibition 2017 AWHE 2017

Asia Pacific Water Heating Exhibition is going to be held from 16 - 18 Aug, 2017 at Chia Import & Export Complex, China.  It is expected that over 520 relevant water heating enterprises at home and abroad will bring thousands of new products to participate in the expo.

Exhibitors Profile

Heat pump product and equipment: household air source water heater, commercial air source water heater, water source heat pump, ground source heat pump, electromagnetic heat pumps, combined heat pump, air conditioning heat pump water heater, solar heat pump water heater etc

Solar water heating equipment: Various types of flat panel solar collector, heat pipe tubular collector, split pressurized solar water heater etc

Electric water heater: instantaneous electric water heaters, storage-type electric water heaters etc

Gas water heater: vertical type, water heater, flue water heater, balanced water heater, forced exhaust water heater, forced to exhaust water heater, outdoor-type water heaters etc. Boiler, hot-water boiler, water treatment equipment, water purification equipment, water softening plant etc

Related accessories and equipment: tank, faucet, cooling tower, hot water control pump, controller, regulator, evaporator, condenser, compressor, decontamination devices, water circulating pump, expansion valve, filter, temperature control valve, heat exchanger, electric heaters, control and regulation equipment, welding equipment etc

Water management system, hot water solution, energy-saving hot water project.


visitors Profile

  • New energy organizations, air-source heat pump/ solar energy organizations and those in related industries;
  • Dealers, contractors, traders and wholesalers in air-source heat pump and solar energy industry;
  • The supporting industries of sauna, swimming pool, heating and air conditioner both at home and abroad;
  • Building materials decoration companies, household appliance supermarkets, factories, hotels, airports, schools;
  • Building research academies, urban planning and design construction institutes, real estate developers, building design & consulting companies, property companies 


Visitors Attending

Exhibitors Attending


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