Guangzhou International Fruit Expo 2018


Green and healthy food has been the most-grabbing topic in recent years. As the living standard of people is being increasingly improved, the consumption market of fruits has also been enlarged.

Fruit Expo is held in Guangzhou where is hailed as the best commercial city on the Chinese mainland. The fruit output or consumption capacity in Guangzhou goes beyond imagination. For instance, Guangzhou Jiangnan Fresh Produce Wholesale Market occupies about 180 thousand square meters, has ranked the top considering fruit transaction across China since 2005. Meanwhile its imported fruit transaction volume accounts for 70% of the total, making it a crucial import and export market for China.

However,no trade fair has been held only for fruit buyers and companies to promote the fruit industry in South China.Backed up by related governments,authoritative fruit industry associations at home and aboard and global fruit markets online and offline,2018 Guangzhou International Fruit Expo(Fruit Expo2018) stands out as a fruit trade platform to provide green and healthy fruit. It strives to boost and explore the tremendous fruit market by gathering brand enterprises at home and abroad.

So,if you are interest in China market,why not showcase your product on Fruit Expo 2018 to professional buyers from all over the world!

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Fresh Fruit:

fresh fruits, fresh cut, organic product, etc.

Process Fruit:

frozen fruit products, dehydrated fruits, fruit cans, fruit juice, fruit jam, preserved fruits, nuts, highly processed fruits, etc.

Fruit Highly-processed Equipment:

system for sorting and grading, intelligent test, transportation, cleaning, juicing, peeling and core removal, steam, filtering, CIP, sterilization, drying, cooling; fruit clean production line, juice production line, fruit tester and analyzer, ink jet printer, anti-counterfeit technology for package, etc.

Fresh Produce Distribution and Technology:

cold chain and distribution service, fresh produce e-commerce, food preservation equipment, frozen equipment, refrigeration transportation equipment and accessories, cold chain storage, refrigeration materials and parts, etc.

Fruit Growing and Post-harvest Technology:

cultivation technologies of fruit seeds, seedlings, fertilizer, soil amendments, greenhouse equipment, ACS, irrigation, pest control equipment, fruit picker, preservation technology, package materials and equipment, storage equipment, water / soil / pesticide residue test equipment, etc.

Fresh Produce Vending and Technology: 

Commercial Information Management System (CIMS), fresh produce e-commerce system, commercial storage logistics system, physical store management, price tag and signage printer, etc.

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  • Supermarket, malls, green foods store, local fruit store / chain store and special outlets, convenience store, etc.
  • food e-commerce websites, green food specialty center / exhibition center, dealers, agents, merchandiser of high-end catering supplies
  • Logistics departments of star hotels, clubs, bars, western restaurants, resorts, governments, sports bureaus, etc.
  • Embassies in China, foreign enterprises, foreign purchasers in China, large national enterprises, food process buyer, etc.
  • International visitors to be invited mainly come from Asian countries such as Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, India; from North Americas including Canada, America, Brazil, Columbia; from Europe such as Switch, Germany, France, Italy, Austria; from Africa such as Uganda, Liberia, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Malawi, etc.
  • Association members and industry merchants will be invited to attend
  • Media help publicize: more than 300 media including industry magazines, webs, will be partnered with with in attempt to attract global buyers.


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