As an important industrial processes sorting success is directly related to the progress and implementation of the follow-up of industrial procedures. Currently in argritulture, fruit and vegetable, food, waste disposal and recycling, building materials, automotive, pharmaceutical industry, mining, processing and utilization of coal, powder metallurgy, metal smelting, chemical, flour processing, glass recycling, tea, tobaco, ceramics and other industries sorting technology and equipment play a vital role. 2015 China (Shanghai) International Sorting Equipment and Technology Exhibition will be held on Arpil in the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center. The spirit of the show is "professional, scientific and innovation" to ptomote the development for the sorting application industry and provide the platform for trading, procurement and brand showcase. Sorting Expo China is the largest, most popular and authoritative exhibition.

Sorting Expo China 2015 will be the display platform for informationalized, automatic, intelligent sorting equipment in end-user application industry. In order to improve overall labor productivity sorting exhibitors will display latest products to help end users to get out of the delemma of poor productivity, rising labor costs, the plight of the poor competiveness and support companies to upgrade and increase the enterprises' core competiveness and sustainble development. Meanwhile, exhibitors will introduce to visitors the famous domestic and international sorting technology increase procudtivity case, to share the high-end achieved results of their application after promoting sorting machinery and equipment.
SE is the only exhibition focus in sorting and seperation industry

As the only face to face communication platform for sorting equipment and technology enterprises and end-users, the show is bound to become the grand meeting in sorting industry.

SE organizers are authoritative and the exhibition service is international

 China Council for the Promotion of International Trade(CCPIT) has strong overseas cooperation resources, Shanghai Fortune Exhibition Company (Fortune Expo) is international professional comany focus in the machinery industry conferences, consulting and services.

SE provides business matching for exhibitors and buyer groups and provide special assistance services to VIP buyers

SE has strong advantages in vistors resources, will continue to promote SE in the domestic and international exhibitions, media publicity. We will provide business matching for exhibitors and buyers and strive to invite more buyers to visit the exhibition onsite. In order to ensure good fair effect, SE organizing committee will provide special assistance service for the domestic and overseas food, fruit and vegetable, recycling, environmental engineering, tea leaves, food processing, package, logistics, abiological engineering, building materials, automotive, pharmaceutical raw materials, coal mining, papaer, powder metallurgy, metal smelting, chemical, pharmaceutical, flour processing, ceramics, steel and other related industries purchasing group and VIP buyers.

SE concurrent high-end forum held

Conference meeting will invite industry leaders, experts ,business representatives make typical speech, thousands of end-users will be the main audience

Exhibitors will be having these profiles :
Visual Identification Detection Sorting Products And Technology
optical identification detection and sorting technology, color recognition and sorting machines, machine vision detection and identification, X-ray detection identification, etc.
Sorting Systems and Robot
sorting equipment, automatic sorting machines, sorting robots, sorting management, sensors, machine vision systems, industrial cameras, image processing, etc.
Magnetic Separation Technology And Products
magnetic drum, non-ferrous separator, electromagnetic separator, electromagnetic filter, electrostatic separator, metal detector, drum seprator, magnetic separator, etc.
Screening Machinery Product And Technology
screening machines, vibrating screen, screening pre-treatment equipment (including material crushing, grinding), material handling transmission equipment, screening machinery parts, screens, vibrating motor, damping spring, etc.
Air Flow Crushing Convey Sorting Products And Technology
air classifier, winnowing machine, air grinder, powder pneumatic conveying equipment, etc.
Weight Recognition Detection Classification Products And Technology
checkweigher, weight testing machine, weight sorting machine, load cell, weighing display control and related instrumentation, etc.
Other Sorting Classification Equipment And Technology
Who will be benefitted by this Expo :
 Agriculture, fruit and vegetable, food, waste disposal and recycling, building materials, pharmaceutical industry, mining, ores, powder metallurgy, metal smelting, chemical, flour processing, glass recycling, tea, tobaco, ceramics and sorting technology application end-users.
CCPIT Introduction: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) comprises VIPS, enterprises and organizations representing the economic and trade sectors inChina. It is the most important and the largest institution for the promotion of foreign trade in China.
Shanghai Fortune Closed cooperation with CCPIT and focus in focus in the machinery industry international exhibition, conferences, consulting and services. Having project like Vibrating Machinery Exhibition, agent for CIIF, Shanghai Fair, Isrmax India etc. 


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